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To achieve First Nations gender justice and equality, every aspect of the Report needs to be responded to overtime. Actions across every sector, and the structural changes to support these actions, need to be identified and progressed so implementation of the Report is effective. This is long-term work that has to be sustained. That is why the Report recommends a National Action Plan to advance the health and wellbeing of First Nations women and girls.

Australia does not currently have a nationally consistent or coherent approach to responding to First Nations women and girls, nor the national mechanisms in place to measure and achieve the many dimensions of gender justice and equality.

Without a dedicated and holistic focus, the experiences, needs and aspirations of First Nations women and girls are obscured which undermines the matters that affect their lives and—as a result—mitigating the efficacy of policies meant to support them.

This nationwide systems deficit can be best addressed through the development of a co-designed National Action Plan that defines and progresses First Nations gender justice and equality. This Action Plan would enable a consistent and holistic approach to advancing the wellbeing of First Nations women and girls throughout Australia.

A National Action Plan will support policymakers to develop First Nations gender-sensitive policies and gender-mainstreaming approaches to improve all policy frameworks throughout Australia including, but not limited to, the Closing the Gap Strategy. It will also strengthen the governance and accountability across governments to developing First Nations gender-responsive public policy.

The National Action Plan would be co-designed at a National Summit with women, girls, all governments, peak bodies and key experts. A National First Nations women and girls Advisory Body would also be developed to lead the development, implementation and monitoring of the National Action Plan.

Stage Two: the building blocks for the National Action Plan and Summit

Stage Two is focused on putting in place the building blocks for a National Action Plan—a framework—to enact change that will achieve First Nations gender justice and equality.  Engagements with community, women’s groups, Commonwealth and state/territory governments, and key experts have begun the process of defining the structural changes needed to shift the current response and system. The dialogue paper will capture these changes and define how implementation is to take place. This will become the basis for dialogue at the National Summit. Also as part of Stage Two work, the priorities of Wiyi Yani U Thangani are being mapped against existing policies and frameworks at the Federal and state and territory level, to identify gaps, intersectionality of issues and key actions that can complement existing plans. These include Closing the Gap implementation plans, gender equality frameworks and Aboriginal empowerment strategies.

You can see below the different elements of Stage Two that work towards the National Action Plan and Summit:

Elements of work - chart flow


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If you want any further information concerning this project or if you have any issues which may be related to your involvement in the project, you can contact the Commission by email: wiyiyaniuthangani@humanrights.gov.au or phone: 02 9284 9600.



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