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The Community Guide sets out the major findings and cross-cutting themes that are explored in detail in the Report, and the seven overarching recommendations to address cross-cutting systemic issues of marginalisation, trauma and intersectional discrimination, and to fundamentally shift how Australian Governments engage with First Nations women and girls.
The Community Guide also presents an overview of the thematic areas of the report and each of the pathways forward containing the priority actions necessary to address the issues and implement the many solutions identified by women and girls.
In this community guide are voices full of hope and possibility. Listen to them. Read them. First Nations peoples and non-Indigenous people working together can use this guide as a tool to support our women and girls as agents of change and to advocate for the enabling conditions needed for all Australian society to thrive.
This community guide is a tool for responding to the voices of women and girls and advocating for the enabling conditions for our families, communities and society to thrive.



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